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Monday, January 28, 2013

Micromax A116 Canvas HD : Features, Specification, Price and the next big thing in indian android market.

 It seems that homegrown mobile maker; Micromax is leaving no stone unturned to achieve the maximum market share, especially in India. And with the launch of Micromax A116 Canvas HD, it looks like; the company has no intention to give a break in the production of new smartphones, phablets and tablets.
This new handset is an Android based smartphone, or we can say, Micromax has launched its new phablet. The success of Canvas A100 and Canvas 2 A110 in the 5-inch smartphone segment has given a huge exposure to the brand, and the result is the launch of all new A116 Canvas HD.
Canvas Design and Hardware:
  •  This 5-inch giant comes with an impressive design and finishing. It seems that A116 has borrowed the design from its predecessor A110 but looks bit slimmer to the latter.
  • It comes with MediaTek MT6589 Cortex A-7 quad core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz.
  • It also includes a dedicated Power VR series 5 GPU for enhancing graphics quality.
  • It has dimensions of 144 x 74 x 10.7 mm.
  • You can expect to get Android v4.2 Jelly bean when it is launched.
 Canvas Screen and Display :
  • It has 5 inches IPS LCD capacitive touch-screen with 16M colors. IPS LCD type display enhances viewing angles as compared to TFT LCD.
  •  The screen resolution is 720p HD, (1280 x 720 pixels) with pixel density of 295.
  • It supports multi-touch and includes scratch guard to protect screen, but canvas hd doesn't sport the much loved gorilla glass screen as of what i have heard. Canvas 2 even doesn't have a gorilla glass screen.
Canvas HD Camera :
  •  It comes with brilliant camera of 8 megapixels with LED flash and auto-focus.
  • You can get clear pictures of resolution 3264 x 2448 pixels and record HD videos as well.
  • Along with this, there is also a secondary VGA camera of 0.3 MP included for video calling through 3G networks or for web calling.

Canvas HD Memory :
  • Canvas HD comes with 1 GB of RAM.
  • This high amount of RAM will make the smartphone more powerful in multi-tasking.
  • It will come with inbuilt memory of 4 GB.
  • Along with this, you can also find a micro SD card slot to expand memory up to 32 GB.
 Canvas HD Other Features :
  • It is dual SIM smartphone and supports GSM SIM cards(GSM+3G). Both SIM’s are operational at the same time.
  • It also has 3G. You can easily get 3G downloading speeds of 42 mbps and uploading speeds of 5.76 mbps.
  • Connectivity options like Bluetooth v3.0 and micro USB v2.0 have been included for sharing files between Bluetooth compatible devices.
  • It has a 2100 mAh powerful battery.
Canvas HD Price and Availability:
  • Going on sale in the beginning of February, the A116 Canvas HD will cost Rs. 15,000 ($280), and is unlikely to make its way to the United States in the near future, if at all.
Canvas HD Tech2get pre-launch verdict : 
Looking at the features on paper, the phone seriously packs one hell of a punch and a very tough contender for the 5' inch so called phablet category.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Which router should you buy ?

When stepping out to buy a router,there are certain things one must keep in mind.These include what purpose (video streaming,gaming) the Wi-Fi router will be used for,how many devices will be connected to it,what kind of range you would want,whether all the gadgets you use support Wi-Fi g or n,and so on. 

Netgear WGR614 Wireless-N 150

Basic Router :
 If you just want a simple basic router,the Netgear WGR614 for 1,500 will get the job done.The cheapest ADSL2+ and Wi-Fi router combo is the TP-Link TD-W 8951ND for 1,800,which can fulfil your basic wireless needs if you need a built-in modem.

Router with USB support for external hard drives/dongles:
If you extend your budget to 3,000,then you can get the ASUS RT-N 13U Wi-Fi router that comes with a USB port.Connect an external hard disk to the USB port of the router,and you will be able to access the contents of the HDD from any device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.The USB port of the router also supports wireless dongles from MTS,Tata,etc,making the router a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Asus RT-N13U

 The workhorse router:
Connecting a lot of devices to the router or streaming videos or music via wireless is going to put quite a load on it.A basic router will simply restart or hang under heavy load like this.If you are looking to connect more than 10 devices to your network,you need to buy a dual-band router.If you will be streaming standard-definition quality videos,a decent 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router like the Netgear N300 for 2,000 should get the job done.Since streaming HD videos or gaming requires a lot of bandwidth and speed,you will need to buy a simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi router like the Linksys E2500 ( 8,000) or E3000 ( 10,000).

Surrounded by Wi-Fi signals
If you live in a building or your house is surrounded by Wi-Fi networks,buying a 2.4GHz router makes no sense due to the interference from surrounding networks.In such a case,buy a Wi-Fi router that supports the 5GHz frequency.This will make sure that there is no interference from other Wi-Fi networks,and ensures optimum performance.But do make sure that all your devices support the 5GHz band,before switching exclusively to it.The Linksys E2000 Advanced Wireless-N Router ( 7,000) is one of the cheapest 5GHz Wi-Fi router and provides the most bang for the buck.

Before you step out to buy a Wi-Fi router,talk to your service provider/cable internet operator.Many ISPs,such as MTNL and BSNL,will provide you with a wireless router themselves and at a nominal cost.Besides,this will reduce your problems of having to set up and secure your wireless network all by yourself.

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All the things you wanted to know about Wi-Fi !

Now a days the modern home has broadband,tablets,smartphones,laptops and PCs.Naturally,Wi-Fi has become the new buzzword in connectivity.Not only does the technology lets you break away from wires,but it also allows different users to share an internet connection.Whats more,it has other purposes too,such as the ability to transfer files between devices,wirelessly print documents and more. So want to know everything about it and planning to get your own, just stay back and read on !

What is Wi Fi ?
Wi-Fi or Wireless-LAN (WLAN) is a standard that allows devices to communicate with each other using a Wi-Fi router as the central hub.All devices with Wi-Fi connect to the router via which data exchange takes place.Depending on the router used and the surrounding conditions such as walls,physical obstructions and other wireless networks in the vicinity Wi-Fi networks can have a range of around 20-25 feet indoors.

What does 2.4GHz,5GHz mean Which one is better  ?
Every wireless network (including cell towers,cordless phones) uses radio waves to communicate and transmit data.Devices that use radio waves are tuned to a particular frequency.This allows them to communicate freely with each other,without any kind of interference from another wireless device.
The 2.4GHz sticker that you see on the router means that it transmits data at that frequency.
Most gadgets use this 2.4GHz frequency to transmit,which leads to network congestion and interference.Due to this,newer Wi-Fi routers use the less-crowded 5GHz frequency band,which provides better transfers when compared to a 2.4GHz one.
However,higher the frequency of a wireless signal,the shorter its range.So a 2.4GHz router may cover a larger area than a 5GHz device.Besides,5GHz signals do not penetrate solid objects as well as 2.4GHz signals,thus limiting their reach.

 What does Wi-Fi a/b/g/n mean ?While the technology was released to the public in 1997,with time,Wi-Fi has been updated with new standards to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of the latest devices.
Wi-Fi standards a and b are now nearly non-existent.Both of these standards provide very low bandwidth to transfer data,making them quite impractical to use in todays world.
Wi-Fi standard g,which uses the 2.4GHz frequency to transmit data,is the most common standard in use currently.It has a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 54Mbps,and is more tolerant to signal interference than the previous standards.
Wi-Fi n is the latest standard that features a much higher theoretical speed of 300Mbps.The latest laptops,smartphones,and tablets support the n standard.Wi-Fi n can use either the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz frequency to transmit data.It also provides better signal strength due to improved signal intensity,but is more prone to signal interference.

Single band,dual band

There are three kinds of routers: Single band,dual band and simultaneous dual band.
Single band routers operate at the 2.4GHz frequency,and do not support the 5GHz band at all.
Dual band routers support both bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz),but can work with only one band at a time.If a router is working at the 5GHz n mode,older devices that dont support n wont be able to connect to it.The user will then have to set up another router at 2.4GHz,or change the setting of the router to use the 2.4GHz band.
Simultaneous dual-band routers can work with both bands at the same time,thus providing for more flexibility and speed.

ADSL/DSL + Wi-Fi routers

ADSL or DSL technology is used to provide broadband connections to many households.Commonly,a phone line wire is inserted into a DSL or ADSL modem,via which your broadband connection works.
Wi-Fi routers with built-in ADSL or DSL modems can be purchased,thus eliminating the need for a separate modem and router.It is,however,recommended that you use a separate modem and Wi-Fi router,since it turns out to be cheaper and better.Most budget Wi-Fi routers with built-in modem lack several features,and can get unstable under heavy load due to the heat generated.

What about the all-important issue of security ?

If left unprotected,your Wi-Fi connection can allow your neighbours to use your broadband for free,even without your knowledge.Besides,the Indian government has made it mandatory that every Wi-Fi network has to be password-protected so as to prevent terrorists from using it.
A simple and effective way of protecting a Wi-Fi network is by hiding its name,known as SSID (Server Set Identifier) that is,the router will not show up when someone seeks a connection.Because if no one can see it,they cant access it.However,this will require you to manually enter the Wi-Fi name every time you want to connect to it,which can be cumbersome.
While a Wi-Fi router comes with tons of security modes to protect the network,the most common are the WEP,WPA,WPA2.Of this,WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) is the most advanced,secure and common protocol out there,and is mandatory on all routers after 2005.
WPA2 has two modes: PSK or Personal mode and Enterprise mode.The Personal mode is meant for home and small office users,where data is encrypted using a 256-bit key and then sent.It allows users to set any password ranging from 8 to 63 characters.If none is specified,the default one [00000000] is automatically used.
The WPA2-Enterprise mode has advanced security standards and is not really recommended for home or small office use.

Hope this makes you understand  the basic behind wi fi and things to look for while buying a router.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Get Avira Antivirus Genuine License for 6 months

Want a genuine licensed Antivirus here it is ! Actually it is not a hack or something like cracking . It is a legal way of obtaining a 6months license for Avira Antivirus.

Avira Antivirus as you all may know due to its renowned name that its one of the premium security suites available well there are many more but its preferred by many Geeks to protect their PC from viruses, malwares and other infections.

Now today I grabbed a promotional offer by Avira Team that they are giving genuine 6 months license for free to all its users so to enjoy that free license just follow the below steps.

Follow the below steps to get genuine 6 months license free .:

2. Now visit the Avira Promotional Page
3. Now you will something like below .:
4. Now simply enter all the details like I have entered in the above image and then click Request License Now.
5. As soon as you press Request License Now you will get a page saying that your license is created so click to overview it.
 6. Now simply click on License Overview and you will see something showing you your license and how many days are left so simply copy that license code and paste it into your Anti-Virus to use it for 180 days or 6 months. You can also e-mail the license to yourself so that you can download it .

So that’s it guys free 6 months genuine key for your Avira Antivirus have fun and comment below if you get any problems.

I have used this trick and it is seriously working . This is the screenshot :

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Google + really poised to kill Facebook.... Read it out to know

The first impression of Google+ is good, but for many people it looks like a Facebook with Group Video chat. At first glance, Google Plus appears to be a derivative of Twitter and Facebook. People are even claiming that, it will fail like Buzz. But I have different thoughts.
           Google+ is better than Buzz and is poised to give Facebook folks the sleepless nights. Steps of Google towards a social network seems promising. Google+ comes with clean design and with some exciting features like Circles, Hangouts, Huddles, and Sparks. Circles let you share things with your desired group of people. Hangouts let you have group video chat with your friends and family members. Sparks let you search your favorite topic, and lets you add those topics in your interest list.
     Google has always wanted to be a king of Social Networking, after Orkut and Buzz that failed to catch up and sustain themselves to the competition. Google has today launched the new Google + Social networking engine. In a simple attempt a black bar appears at the top of the google pages with a +you button.
One of the most notable services in the Google+ networking is the Circles. What this basically lets you do, it that it allows you to select your group of friends and assign them into groups (or circles) then when yo post updates you can select who all you want to update.
                        Hangouts is one of the killer features of Google+. Hangout is sort of group video chat. You click on the Hangout button and invite members of a certain group/circle, by sending them a notification. And it’s easy to use this feature. It’s directly challenging the number of video chat products like Skype. And Facebook don’t have this feature. “Sparks” button lets you to explore your interests; it’s like bookmarking your favorite pages. The +1 Google button is integrated to your Google+ profile, which can be considered as Facebook Likes.
Google has gone all out by launching the mobile app along with the service, which for one has an instant uploads folder which would upload all your images on the Google+ account in a private album and you can share those images with your status.
Google+ is still in a limited trial mode and looks like all their invites are gone, we will have more on this soon !

Facebook's database is getting sloppy and dirty

While Google dealing with overwhelming signups. Facebook is throwing up Database Down messages on a bunch of accounts. This was sent in by one of my readers and we've been receiving numerous reports. Either Facebook is cranking up their powers to deal with the new Google Plus on the block, or their database has left the FB building and signed up with Google Plus, or George Hotz found their server room. Hopefully services should resume quickly, there's a lot of liking to be done. I guess Facebook  is finally feeling the heat