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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Send Google Buzz to Twitter account automatically

Google Buzz is continuing to lure people on internet as it has been made an integral part accessible right inside Gmail account. Its however possible to link other social network accounts to Google buzz so that Buzz gets updated when you post something on different social network like Twitter, Your Blog, etc.

If you access Buzz more often and want your Twitter timeline to sync with whatever you post on Buzz or simply you want to send Buzz to Twitter account automatically at same instant. Then, Buzz Can Tweet is an innovative web service which can handle this job pretty well. What you have to do is authorize your Gmail and Twitter account so that both are linked.

Features of Buzz Can Tweet are summarized below:

  • Send buzz to Twitter.
  • Use your own account for links.
  • Selective tweeting, only tweet buzz with keyword #twitter (customizable).
  • Exclude text after keyword (customizable).
  • No link back to Buzz when under 140 characters and not attachment (customizable).
  • Use Buzz as your Twitter image service!

Site: Buzz can Tweet

Samsung Metro S 5350 Shark 3G with 3.2MP Camera at Rs 8250

Samsung has launched its latest phone, Samsung Metro 3G S 5350(also known as Samsung Shark). It is the fifth Metro series model of the company, and the first with 3G connectivity. It has a metallic body wrapped around the camera lens, navigation key and the battery cover, enhancing the style of the phone.

Some of the highlights of the new Samsung Metro 3G are:-

  • 3G/UMTS connectivity
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Weight:99g
  • 2.2-inch QVGA (320 x 240 resolution)
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Video Player, Audio Player, FM Radio
  • Mobile tracker, USB connectivity
  • 100 MB of internal memory, which is expandable up to 16GB.
  • Dimensions:115.2 x 46.7 x 11.9mm
  • Weight: 99g
  • 900mAh battery with talk time up to 10.3 hours (2G) or 3.2 hours (3G)
  • Support for nine languages

Samsung Metro 3G also allows you to stay connected with your friends and relatives by providing an easy access to social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc and instant messengers like GTalk, AIM and Palringo chat. Moreover, it comes preloaded with Google apps, thus enabling you to open and read text documents.

You can enjoy facilities of this smart phone at just Rs 8250. So, are you ready to enrich your mobile experience with this new Metro 3G?

View Picasa favorites as Starred Thumbnail on Windows

Picasa is a very well known and useful image editor commonly used by home users to easily edit and retouch images. It helps in proper arrangement of your images by creating new albums and can also upload them to Picasa web album. There’s a useful option to mark your favorite image with a star so that you can view them in a single favorite category. Now this work will be bit more easy with PicasaExt.

PicasaExt is a small extension for picasa image viewer. This extension helps in integrating picasa with windows. With this extension installed, any image you tag as favorite in image viewer will also appear as a star mark on the image thumbnail in windows. you can now open image folders directly to view which images you have marked as favorite.

This extension works well on all versions of windows above windows 98 and also supports 32 and 64 bit. Once the extension is installed you have to restart once and your favorite images will be ready for you in windows folder.

Download: PicasaExt

Create Talking Photos by embedding Voice on images

Uploading Photos and sharing them with friends

is a common thing that we have done many times till now. To describe a photo generally we add a description to it. But what if we can ma

ke the photos speak for them self? Yes it is

true, now you can embed your voice with the photo and share them with your friends. This can be done with help of fotobabble.

Fotobabble is a website that lets you to upload your photos and add a voice message to it. The whole process is done in three steps, to avail this service you have to create a free account in fotobabble.

Uploading Photos:

First thing that you have to do is create a photo by uploading it in fotobabble.

Record Voice:

After the image is uploaded, the next step is to record your voice to it. This can be done directly through a microphone connected to your system. As you are done with recording voice, save the image.

Share with Friends:

When creating and recording voice is done, you will get two links at bottom of the page, one for sharing the talking photo with your friends. You can share talking photos with facebook, twitter, orkut friends just by sharing the link. Other link provided is to embed the image in a webpage.

Embedding voice with images is a new and innovative concept, being free of cost adds some extra points to it. Apart from sharing these talking photos with your friends you can also use these photos for promoting your blog site or new products which will be exceptionally helpful.

Note: To work on fotobabble you should have flash plug-in installed on your browser.

Site: Fotobabble

Friday, March 12, 2010

Monitor Application Memory Usage and Limit them

Sometimes we all are troubled by abnormal behavior of system applications. This happens due to many reasons that makes an application consume more memory and increase cpu load. Now you can manage these situations and control abnormally behaving applications with Kiwi application Monitor.

It is a small, easy to use software that is available in free and premium versions. For normal usage free version is satisfactory. The premium version consists of some advanced features and functionality.

To monitor an application you have to add it first in Kiwi. You can directly write the name of the application or you can also use the process explorer to add up process. The process explorer also gives you information about the processes memory, peak memory, cpu time, running time. You can also terminate any process, view total processes running with total physical load or add a process to monitor.

Selecting a process and pressing the add button brings up the alert set window. Here you will get options to set alert options for the particular process with respect to when it starts or ends, exceeds certain definedmemory limit or cpu run time. You can also specify certain basic rules to be performed when these alerts are triggered, apart from closing the process you can also set rules to shutdown computer with the end of that process , start or end a different process.

My Verdict

This software is very helpful in monitoring and controlling processes that are not working normally.

Download: Kiwi application Monitor