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Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Google + really poised to kill Facebook.... Read it out to know

The first impression of Google+ is good, but for many people it looks like a Facebook with Group Video chat. At first glance, Google Plus appears to be a derivative of Twitter and Facebook. People are even claiming that, it will fail like Buzz. But I have different thoughts.
           Google+ is better than Buzz and is poised to give Facebook folks the sleepless nights. Steps of Google towards a social network seems promising. Google+ comes with clean design and with some exciting features like Circles, Hangouts, Huddles, and Sparks. Circles let you share things with your desired group of people. Hangouts let you have group video chat with your friends and family members. Sparks let you search your favorite topic, and lets you add those topics in your interest list.
     Google has always wanted to be a king of Social Networking, after Orkut and Buzz that failed to catch up and sustain themselves to the competition. Google has today launched the new Google + Social networking engine. In a simple attempt a black bar appears at the top of the google pages with a +you button.
One of the most notable services in the Google+ networking is the Circles. What this basically lets you do, it that it allows you to select your group of friends and assign them into groups (or circles) then when yo post updates you can select who all you want to update.
                        Hangouts is one of the killer features of Google+. Hangout is sort of group video chat. You click on the Hangout button and invite members of a certain group/circle, by sending them a notification. And it’s easy to use this feature. It’s directly challenging the number of video chat products like Skype. And Facebook don’t have this feature. “Sparks” button lets you to explore your interests; it’s like bookmarking your favorite pages. The +1 Google button is integrated to your Google+ profile, which can be considered as Facebook Likes.
Google has gone all out by launching the mobile app along with the service, which for one has an instant uploads folder which would upload all your images on the Google+ account in a private album and you can share those images with your status.
Google+ is still in a limited trial mode and looks like all their invites are gone, we will have more on this soon !

Facebook's database is getting sloppy and dirty

While Google dealing with overwhelming signups. Facebook is throwing up Database Down messages on a bunch of accounts. This was sent in by one of my readers and we've been receiving numerous reports. Either Facebook is cranking up their powers to deal with the new Google Plus on the block, or their database has left the FB building and signed up with Google Plus, or George Hotz found their server room. Hopefully services should resume quickly, there's a lot of liking to be done. I guess Facebook  is finally feeling the heat