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Friday, February 25, 2011


 Samsung Mobiles Price List-February 2011
Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab     Rs.36,538
Samsung Samsung I5801 Galaxy3     Rs.11500
Samsung Wave723 S7233     Rs.12500
Samsung I5801 Galaxy3     Rs.11,731
Samsung C3303 CHAMP     Rs.3999
Samsung I5503 Galaxy5     Rs.8880
Samsung Corby Mate B3313     Rs.4,999
Samsung Corby TXT B3210     Rs.4,999
Samsung Corby Pop     Rs.5,300
Samsung Corby S3653     Rs.6290
Samsung Monte S5620     Rs.9,300
Samsung OmniaLITE B7300     Rs.17,560
Samsung Wave S8500     Rs.17500
Samsung Galaxy S i9000     Rs.28000
Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani     Rs.38,413
Samsung Galaxy 3     Rs.10,769
Samsung Galaxy 5     Rs.8,846
Samsung Galaxy Ace  Rs 14990

Samsung GT-S5350 - Rs. 6,75
Samsung GT-S5560 – Rs. 11,900
Samsung B5722 – Rs. 10,200
Samsung B6520 – Rs. 10,600
Samsung B7610 – Rs. 24,900
Samsung C3010S – Rs. 3,280
Samsung C3053 – Rs. 3,500
Samsung C3212 – Rs. 4,140
Samsung C3300D – Rs. 4,050
Samsung C3303 – Rs. 4,500
Samsung C5010 – Rs. 4,350
Samsung C6112 – Rs. 7,600
Samsung Corby – Rs. 7,100
Samsung Corby Mate – Rs. 5,650
 Samsung Corby Plus – Rs. 7,900
Samsung Corby Pop – Rs. 5,850
Samsung Corby Pro – Rs. 11,300
 Samsung Corby TXT – Rs. 5,650
Samsung E1085T – Rs. 1,570
Samsung E1160 – Rs. 1,880
Samsung E1175T – Rs. 1,610
Samsung E2120B – Rs. 2,360
Samsung E2130 – Rs. 2,830
Samsung E2152 – Rs. 3,150
Samsung E2550 – Rs. 3,720
 Samsung I5801 – Rs. 12,300
Samsung I9000 – Rs. 31,500
Samsung Omnia Pro – Rs. 12,400
Samsung P1000 – Rs. 38,000
Samsung S239 – Rs. 5,599
Samsung S3310 – Rs. 4,450
Samsung S3370 – Rs. 6,590
Samsung S3500 – Rs. 4,730
Samsung S3600 – Rs. 4,650
Samsung S5200 – Rs. 6,300
Samsung S5253 – Rs. 8,800
Samsung S5333 – Rs. 9,900
Samsung S5620 – Rs. 10,200
Samsung S7070 – Rs. 8,500
Samsung S7233E – Rs. 13,500
Samsung S8500 – Rs. 19,100
Samsung Fizz – Rs. 5,240

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