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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Mobile Phones Concept Photos and Device Details

    Microsoft hearts Nokia!! Many people still recovering from the shocking Nokia and Microsoft partnership announcement and now these pictures of a Windows Phone 7 powered slim Nokia handset have surfaced. I just hope two negatives can make good things happen.
This was first leaked by Engadget and they say that this device is a concept design to show what such a device would look like. But here u can get a glimpse at the future design strategies of Nokia. Even now we can see Nokias getting a little porky and losing weight. Now we know why, Nokia was getting ready for its date with Microsoft WP7.
There is no word for possible specs yet but after all we need to keep in mind that this phone is still in the concept stage. Still we can see to sharp details on it but basically looks like a vaguely updated version of Nokia C7.
The three key concept bottoms the phone and gives away to its Windows Phone 7 ties. But also one must keep in mind that the N8 and E7 are highly unlikely to receive any WP7 upgrade although Nokia said they might upgrade the OS if they switch to a higher one. But this statement was in responds to the new Symbain^4 not WP7.  The new phones may be powered by some juicy specs when it’s released since WP7 requires at least a Snapdragon processor.
From the pictures we can mark some high light on the hardware form which the most prominent is the remarkably slim body and variety of colors. Secondly a pretty large display, which I guess would be around the 4-inch. Below is the trio of keys that is standard every Windows Phone 7 device. On the back we can see a large battery cover with a camera and LED flash nearby.
To the top it hosts a 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB port and power button. The tapering edges on the back give a vague look into the design strategy of Nokia for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 phones.

Well this is evident that this phone may never see the day light. You may have to wait for the real deal till this winter. Let’s just hope Santa clause will be able to drop a Nokia Windows Phone 7 down your chimney. But never the less even he might fail to do so if Nokia has its usual ways!

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